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Naam en titel

22 april 2022

Barend van der Meulen (BMS)

Professor of Hoger Onderwijs in de Digitale Samenleving

Title: Hoger Onderwijs in de Digitale Samenleving

13 mei 2022

Jeannette Hofmeijer (S&T), Professor of Translationele Neurofysiologie

Title: Van spanningsveld tot wisselwerking

17 juni 2022

Loes Segerink (EEMCS)

Professor Biomedical Microdevices

Title: 'Vruchtbare samenwerking op kleine schaal'

7 september 2022

Justine Blanford & Raoul Zurita Mila (ITC)

Professor of Geohealth.

Title: Healty spaces: fit 4 the future.

Professor of Spatio Temporal Analytics.

Title: Space in, space out for everything there is a season.

9 september 2022

Srirang Manohar (S&T)

Professor Multi-Modality Medical Imaging (M3I)

Title: 'Imagination in Imaging'

23 september 2022

Wieteke Willemen (ITC)

Professor of Spatial Dynamics of Ecosystem Services

Title: 'Clearer from afar: views on nature and society'

30 september 2022

Goos Laverman (EEMCS)

Professor of Personalized Technology in Internal Medicine

Title: 'The Roaring Twenties'

6 oktober 2022

Wim Brilman (S&T)

Professor of CO2 Capture and Conversion

Title: CO2 Capture & Conversion - Towards a carbon neutral society

7 oktober 2022

Jai Prakash (S&T)

Professor of Targeted Therapeutics

Title: Managing Microenvironments: Time to Engineer Medicines.

14 oktober 2022

Esther Turnhout (BMS)

Chair of science, technology, and society

Title: better knowledge is possible: transforming science and technology for justice, pluralism, and sustainability.

19 oktober 2022

Mark van der Meide (ITC)

Professor on 'Earth Structure and Dynamics'

Title: Imaging the Unseen

20 oktober 2022

Cees van Westen (ITC)

Professor on 'Earth Structure and Dynamics'

Title: What impacts what? Disaster risk in a changing world

21 oktober 2022

Norman Kerle (ITC)

Professor of Geoinformatics for Disaster Risk Management

Title: It takes a village: technology and society in crisis response

27 oktober 2022

Gert-Willem Römer (ET)

Professor of Laser Processing

Title: The magic of light: light as a production tool

3 november 2022

Fredrik Wurm (S&T)

Professor of Sustainable Polymer Chemistry

Title: Sustainable Polymer Chemistry: Stepping into a Post-Petroleum Plastics Age

4 november 2022

Bojana Rosić (ET)

Professor of Applied Mechanics and Data Analysis

Title: Battling uncertainties in materials and systems: Return of the JedAI

11 november 2023

Kim Schildkamp (BMS)

Professor of "Data-informed decision making for learning and development"

Title: in dialogue with data in education

1 december 2022

Edwin Zondervan (S&T)

Professor of Process systems engineering

Title: process systems engineering in a changing world



Naam en titel

10 juni 2022

Bart Nieuwenhuis (BMS)

Professor at the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences

Title: My 50 years with the UT

17 november 2022

Leo van Dongen (ET)

Professor Maintenance Engineering en voorzitter van het departement Design, Production & Management.

Title: Van jonge ondezoeker tot asset manager: een spoor van techniek.